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What cravings really reveal about your health

Is it all in your head or is your body trying to tell you something? Some might dismiss a ‘wisdom of the body’ theory as quackery.  However, if you think about the biological processes happening within your body and the factors affecting these, the argument to substantiate a link becomes more compelling. Here’s why. Food […]

Snacking Sorted

You might already have figured out what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner but what about the spaces in between? ‘What should I snack on if I get hungry?’ is a question that often comes up in my nutrition clinic. So much so that I thought it worth pulling my thoughts together in this […]


Sara Handford - Welcome

Welcome to the launch of Sara Handford Nutrition website and my very first blog! I’m really excited to share with you more of what Sara Handford Nutrition has to offer!