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Good oils, bad oils….

“Vegetable oil” is an industry term that sometimes includes olive oil, peanut and coconut.  However, when you see the words “vegetable oils” on the ingredients, it’s not going to the first press, unrefined version.  It will be the cheap, refined PUFA-rich seed oils.  Refined vegetable oils contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).  […]

Can you be healthy in the middle?

Books, magazines, and, yes, even your trusted nutritional therapist always have some handy, easy-to-follow advice to keep you healthy. “Just 5 minutes face yoga per day prevents wrinkles”, “get a flat tummy in just 10 minutes a day” or “a simple 30-minute walk at dawn ensures better sleep at night” … That’s 45 minutes before […]

Alternatives to alcohol

Do they hit the spot? With the stress of another lockdown, it’s so easy to reach for that bottle of wine in the fridge and before we know it we’re drinking every night…which is totally understandable by the way! However, as the second lockdown was looming, one of my sister’s put it out there on […]

7 ways to boost your immune system

It’s officially the end of the summer and we can all feel the temperature starting to drop. So, with winter fast approaching it’s important to keep our immune system healthy, and even more so this year with the arrival of COVID 19. Feeding your body certain foods can help keep your immune system strong as […]