Sara Handford - Welcome

Welcome to the launch of Sara Handford Nutrition website and my very first blog! I’m really excited to share with you more of what Sara Handford Nutrition has to offer!

I firstly wanted to tell you a little more about me and my journey to get here.

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease back in 2016 which you can read about here. I was shocked to have received this news and I really wanted to know the “why?”. What had been going on in my life at the time that could possibly have triggered this? Could diet and lifestyle have had an impact? With further research I realised the answer to these is YES. The few years leading up to the diagnosis I was under a lot of emotional stress and had no idea how much this was impacting on my health and general wellbeing. I was also a bit of sugar addict and although I didn’t put on weight it was clearly having a negative impact on my health. I realised that I needed to take charge and make some changes as the impatient side of me wanted to get better now! Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen but I really wanted to start this road to recovery as quickly as I could. So alongside medical supervision, I went to see a Nutritional Therapist, as I had no idea where to start. My Nutritional Therapist explained the connection with stress and ill health and the downside to too much sugar in your diet. Over a period of time changes were put in place and as part of the process I enrolled on a mindfulness course. It didn’t take long for me to notice changes but it was still a long recovery and took about 18 months for me to get back to full health, which enabled me to start competing in triathlons again, which I was passionate about. And in 2019, I qualified for the Age Group European Triathlon Championships…which I was ecstatic about! Although the race went terribly wrong as I got a puncture during the race! But for me it was all about the journey to actually get to the start line.

This journey led me to make a career change as I decided to embark on a three year course to become a Nutritional Therapist to enable me to help and support people, like me, who are ready to make some changes to their diet and lifestyle to improve their health and day to day living. So, I’m here to support you to make these changes by taking small positive steps.
I provide a safe environment for you to talk and I will listen and work with you to achieve your personal goals. I want to inspire you to the live the life you want!

“For healthy living to become a way of life, it’s important to establish routines that are simple, realistic, & ultimately liveable.” When I read this it really resonated with me. If it does the same to you then do not hesitate to book a discovery call with me now.

My future blogs will be informative with practical tips and advice to help you achieve some of yours goals and feel better! They will incorporate recipes, tips, ideas, meal plans and much more.

Bye for now
Sara x